Capital Defence: Social Defence for Canberra



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Quilty, J., Dickins, L., Anderson, P. and Martin, B. (1986). Capital Defence: Social Defence for Canberra. Canberra: Canberra Peacemakers.

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Jacki Quilty, Lynne Dickins, Phil Anderson and Brian Martin. Capital Defence: Social Defence for Canberra (Canberra: Canberra Peacemakers, 1986), 68 pages. Published in Italian as Un Modello di Difesa Populare Nonviolenta (Molfetta: Edizioni la Meridiana, 1987). Published in Dutch as Sociale Verdediging voor Canberra (Utrecht: Opleiding Sociale Vredesdienst, 1989). Full text available.


Social defence is nonviolent community resistance to aggression as an alternative to military defence. It is based on widespread political, economic and social noncooperation in order to oppose military aggression or political repression. It uses methods such as boycotts, refusals to obey, strikes, demonstrations, and setting up of alternative social, political and economic institutions.

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Canberra Peacemakers

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