Optimal generation planning for electricity grids containing wind farms



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Diesendorf, M. and Martin, B. (1984). 'Optimal generation planning for electricity grids containing wind farms', In S. V. Szokolay (Eds.), Solar world congress : proceedings of the Eighth Biennial Congress of the International Solar Energy Society (vol.4) (pp. 223-239). Oxford: Pergamon Press.

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Numerical probabilistic models have been used to re-optimize the mix of thermal base, intermediate and peak load plant in electricity grids containing specified wind power capacity. wind power plant displaces thermal baseload capacity equal to slightly more than the average wind power output. To maintain grid reliability (LOLP) , additional thermal peaking plant, rated at about half the average wind power, has to be installed. The breakeven costs of wind power in a model British CEBG, containing coal, nuclear, oil and wind driven power plant, are evaluated under a wide range of conditions. Wind farms, based on existing commercial aero generators may already be economically competitive in this grid. Spot pricing of electricity may offer an efficient-way of matching wind power to load.

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