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Huang, D. 2009, 'Chinese culture cures: Ouyang Yu's representation and resolution of the immigrant syndrome in The Eastern Slope Chronicle', Antipodes: a North American journal of Australian literature, vol. 23, no. 2, pp. 179-184.


ASIAN AUSTRALIAN LITERATURE HAS GROWN PROSPEROUS since Australia opened its door to Asian immigrants, as evidenced by the emergence of Asian Australian writers like Brian Castro, Lilian Ng, Lau Siew Mei, Beth Yahp, Hsu-Ming Teo, and so on. The Chinese diasporic writers from the various parts of Asia tell their hometown stories and share their migrant experience in their host countries. Ouyang Yu, a bilingual writer from mainland China “is perhaps the most indecorous writer currently at work today” (Birns 194). Ouyang Yu came to Australia in 1991 as an international student to do his Ph.D. research on the representation of Chinese people in Australian fi ctions. Since then, he has been writing in English seriously. He is so prolifi c that he has produced more than fi fty books, both in Chinese and English, and has had hundreds of poems and articles published in newspapers and magazines in Australia and overseas within twenty years.