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Bell, M. E. (2008). Internationalising the Australian higher education curriculum through global learning. In M. Barrow & K. Sutherland (Eds.), HERDSA Conference 2008: Engaging Communities (pp. 1-11). Rotorua, New Zealand: Milperra: HERDSA.


This paper discusses a case study of an innovative higher education course that involved students from universities in Australia, Ireland and America using a ‘global learning’ approach. The key pedagogy discussed is cross-institutional international discussion using videoconference. Student responses to the learning environment are explored. The issues covered include the strengths and disadvantages of videoconference as a medium for international student discussion, the importance of facilitation in developing the dynamics and outcomes of discussion, perceived cultural differences in communication styles, and the dangers of superficiality stemming from the relatively mono-cultural nature of the universities involved.