Margaret Hanlon



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Hanlon, M. (2007). Australia - Indonesia maritime boundaries. Australasian Political Studies Association (APSA) Annual Conference 2007 (pp. 1-28). Melbourne: Monash.


Th esas between Australia and Indonesia represent the largest area where th maritime zones of Australia overlap with those of another state and as events over the past 25 years have revealed the delimitation of the maritime boundaries between Australia and Indonesia have increased in importance to Australia both economically and politically.

Austalia and Indonesia have conducted a number of negotiations on maritime boundaries since the late 1960s. This paper explores tow of the treaties, namely the Timor Gap Treaty and the 1997 Treaty and concludes with a discussion that connects the issue of maritime boundaries with Australias ongoing relationship with Indonesia and why maritime boundary issues play a significant part in Australias ongoing foreign policy decisions in relation to Indonesia.