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Rando, G, 'La cinematografia nazionale australiana nella seconda metà del Novecento e la rappresentazione del fenomeno migratorio non angloceltico', Studi Emigrazione, XLV(169), January-March 2008, 123-133.


Although a significant minority of Australia’s population is of non angloceltic origin, Australia’s national cinema has consistently understated the impact and the multiple ramifications of the migration experiences of the many ethnic groups constituting Australia society. Initially geared, in the 1950s, to projecting an image of Australia as an all-accepting earthly paradise, films and documentaries produced up to the end of the 1970s present themes that underscore the superiority of Australian values and the need for the many ethnic groups that have settled in the country to assimilate into mainstream society. It is only in the last part of the 20th century that Australian national cinema has begun to take a more critical stance in relation to the migration phenomenon. What is to a large extent missing is the development of a discourse that the aspirations of millions of migrants have for a long time been in conflict with the diffidence displayed by the mainstream and difficult living and working conditions.

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