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Vogl, G. J. 2005, ''If the unemployment rate is so low: why do I feel so insecure?'', in G. Wrightson (eds), Creating A Culture of Full Employment Conference, Centre of Full Employment and Equity, The University of Newcastle, Newcastle, Australia, pp. 414-424.


Changes which have occurred in the labour market over the last two decades have resulted in high levels of hidden unemployment. Many people are becoming increasingly aware of the chasm between the official employment statistics and the real extent of unemployment as those around them find it more and more difficult to find work. Those who are employed feel increasingly insecure about their jobs and are often employed in jobs which are casual, parttime or for which they are over-qualified. Certain groups, which will be highlighted in this paper, are more likely to become part of the hidden unemployed. In the first part of this paper, the connections between hidden unemployment, globalisation of the Australian economy and recent neo liberal policy regimes will be analysed. Using evidence from in-depth interviews with a number of employees, the second part of this paper will focus on how job insecurity has impacted on the day to day lives of individuals.

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