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Cahill, R. 2008, 'Introduction', in E. Antony (eds), The Hungry Mile and other poems, 1 edn, Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney. pp. 3


In 1930 Antony published a forty-page volume of poems The Hungry Mile And Other Poems, comprising thirty-three poems, printed by in Sydney by Wright & Baker, a Dixon Street printery owned by the Communist Party of Australia. In his ‘Acknowledgement’ Antony thanked the Australian left intellectual Esmonde Higgins for “his valuable assistance in preparing this volume for publication”. The poems suggest the poet is a widely read person with a satiric, at times bitterly ironic, sense of humour and a combative spirit harking back to the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). The verse is mainly in the ballad form, is sometimes uneven metrically with quirky punctuation, and was most likely intended to be read aloud.

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Maritime Union of Australia

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