Children of the Sun



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Loughlin, A., Lumby, B. Carlson, R. 2006, Children of the Sun, audio-visual recording, DVD, Merlin Films, Wollongong, Australia.

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Held at Wollongong University Library - Call no.305.89915/333


Tells the story of one girl's struggle to identify as aboriginal in a world that does not always value aboriginality.

DVD features also include: The making of Children of the Sun, directed by Rebecca Carlson, alternate score, actor monologues, photo galleries and set-up options

Supported by: The Foundation for Young Australians, The Koori Youth Network and Illawarra Aboriginal Medical Service.

Director, Adam Loughlin;

Producers, Bronwyn Lumby, Crosbi Stevens;

Selected music by Tjapukai, Samara McNeil, Joel Lutui, Bianca Whitcher, Cameron McEvoy, Rebecca Carlson, Joanne Buckskin

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Children of the Sun – Behind the Scenes (YouTube)

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