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Hagan, J and Rando, G, Conclusion, in Hagan, J and Rando, G (eds), La Diaspora italiana dopo la Seconda Guerra Mondiale. The Italian Diaspora after the Second World War, Bivongi [RC], International AM Edizioni, 2007, 423-425.

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"The volume contains the proceedings of the international conference, held in Bivongi (RC) in November 2006 and organized by AM International in collaboration with the University of Wollongong."--Publisher's transcript


The Conference at Bivongi followed on others that had raised some serious questions about the Italian diaspora that occurred after the Second World War. We asked contributors to submit papers in three broad divisions, the first relating to the migrants' experience before departure, the second to experience in the host country, and the third to the cinematographic and literary interpretation of that experience. The papers contributed that successfully completed the peer review process are arranged in that sequence in this book.