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Lumby, B. L. 2010, 'Cyber-Indigeneity: Urban Indigenous identity on FaceBook', The Australian Journal of Indigenous Education, vol. 39, no. Supplement, pp. 68-75.


The indigenous use of Facebook reflects to some degree the instruments of Indigenous identity confirmation and surveillance, which operate in the "real" world of Indigenous community networks. Of interest to this article is what Michel de Certeau calls "ways of operating", that is, the uses made by consumers of various mechanisms for purposes removed from, or different to those intended by producers and the effects of these uses in maintaining vigilance or discipline on subjects who identify as Indigenous. The aim is to open up for discussion the production of these effects in cyberspace to inform a broader interest in how contemporary Indigenous identities are produced at this historical juncture namely where identity for Indigenous people assumes various cultural formations and where the attendant struggles that inform identity production are subject to a range of historical considerations.

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