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Herrero de Haro, A. & Andión Herrero, M. Antonieta. (2012). La enseñanza de la pronunciación del castellano a aprendices irlandeses. Contrastes dialectales de interés. Porta Linguarum, (18), 191-212.


This paper deals with the teaching of Spanish pronunciation to Irish students. If we want learners to achieve a good command of the sounds of Castilian Spanish, we must focus on the phonetic/phonological distance between English and Spanish; however, it is the phonetic/phonological distance between the regional variety of the L1 of the speaker and Castilian Spanish (the variety that we adopt as the target model) that will have the biggest influence in this learning process. After comparing linguistic peculiarities of the English language (RP), and of the variety of the Republic of Ireland, with those of Castilian Spanish, we proceed to analyse the interlanguage of Irish learners and we study in it the positive and negative phonetic/phonologic transferences. Finally, we propose exercises based on coarticulatory processes to correct these interferences.

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