In search of the Korean digital wave



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Goldsmith, B., Lee, K. & Yecies, B. 2011, 'In search of the Korean digital wave', Media International Australia Incorporating Culture and Policy: Quarterly Journal of Media Research and Resources, no. 141, pp. 70-77.


This article sets the context for this special themed issue on the `Korean digitalwave by considering the symbiotic relationship between digital technologies, theirtechniques and practices, their uses and the affordances they provide, and Korea`compressed modernity and swift industrialisation. It underscores the importanceof interrogating a range of groundbreaking developments and innovations withinKorea digital mediascapes, and its creative and cultural industries, in order togain a complex understanding of one of Australia most significant export marketsand trading partners. Given the financial and political commitment in Australiato a high-speed broadband network that aims to stimulate economic and culturalactivity, recent technological developments in Korea, and the double-edged roleplayed by government policy in shaping the `Korean digital wave merit closeattention from media and communications scholars.

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