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Kelly, DJ, Human Resource Development: For Enterprise and Human Development, Proceedings of the 14th World Congress of International Industrial Relations Association (IIRA), Social Actors, Work organization and New Technologies in the 21st Centuury, Lima, Peru, 2006.


The term human resource development, or more commonly HRD, is widely used. Yet it has ambiguous connotations, since it may refer to increase in human capacities, rights and entitlements from a business or an economic perspective, or as an instrument of human development, particularly in developing countries, which enables personal and societal advancement toward economic progress and democratic self-determination. It is important to distinguish the forms and varieties of HRD if human development is to be balanced. Moreover, HRD may be delivered by public organisations such as governments, NGOs and supranational organisations, such as the United Nations, or by private corporations. This paper seeks to evaluate and review understanding of approaches to HRD, taking particular account of the objectives of programmes of education and training and the providers.