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Jones, S. C. & Smith, K. M. (2011). The effect of Point of Sale Promotions on the alcohol purchasing behaviour of young people in metropolitan, regional and rural Australia. Journal of Youth Studies, 14 (8), 885-900.


This study, part of larger project examining marketing and alcohol, looked specifically at the effect of point of sale (POS) promotions on young people, with a view to providing evidence which could be used to inform policy and regulation in this area. A series of focus groups were conducted in three different locations with young people aged 16-25 years, separated by age and gender, with a total of 85 participants. Participants were asked questions about their recollection of various POS promotions and alcohol purchasing and consumption behaviour. A majority of participants demonstrated a strong recall of previous promotions and almost all participants indicated they had been influenced to buy more or a particular brand of alcohol because of a promotion. Specifically, the results of the study indicate that POS promotions involving price or volume discounts have a strong impact on young people, and are particularly effective in encouraging the purchase of increased volumes of alcohol, suggesting a need for regulation in this area.



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