Performing Veronica Mars



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Turnbull, S. E. 2011, 'Performing Veronica Mars', in S. E. Turnbull & R. V.. Wilcox (eds), Investigating Veronica Mars, 1 edn, McFarland & Company, Inc, Jefferson, North Carolina, and London. pp. 35


Without the performance of Kristen Bell,according to creator Rob Thomas above, Veronica Mars the TV series would not have existed. It's quite an assertion, suggesting that by an early stage in production Bell had become so central to the concept of the show that Thomas was prepared to sacrifice the entire enterprise on the basis of a casting decision. This may explain, or maybe not, why Thomas was willing to make another compromises in getting Veronica Mars up and running on the UPN network, including the decision to cut the original pre-title sequence featuring junior private eye Veronica on a stake-out at the seedy Camelot motel waiting for the "money shot" of a couple in flagrante in the long lens of her trusty camera. But then the business of television would seem to be fraught with compromise and tactical decisions made in the exigency of the moment.

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