Bollywood in Australia: Introduction



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Hassam, A. & Paranjape, M. 2010, 'Bollywood in Australia: Introduction', in A. Hassam & M. Paranjape (eds), Bollywood in Australia: Transnationalism and Cultural Production, UWA Publishing, Crawley, Western Australia. pp. 1


The transcultural character and reach of Bollywood cinema has been gradually more visible and obvious over the last two decades. What is less understood and explored is its escalating integration with audiences, markets and entertainment industries beyond the Indian subcontinent. This book explores the relationship of Bollywood to Australia. We believe that this increasingly important relationship is an outcome of the convergence between two remarkably dynamic entities-globalising Bollywood, on the one hand and Asianising Australia, on the other. If there is a third element in this relationship, which is equally important, it is the mediating power of the vibrant diasporic community of South Asians in Australia. Hence, at its most basic, this book explores the conjunctures and ruptures between these three forces: Bollywood, Australia and their interface, the diaspora.

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