Constitution-making and constitutional development



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Wolfers, E. P. 2010, ''Constitution-making and constitutional development'', in I. Maddocks & E. P. Wolfers (eds), Living History and Evolving Democracy, University of Papua New Guinea Press, Papua New Guinea. pp. 14


Translated into the most widely used of Papua New Guinea's three official languages, the Constitution of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea has been called the 'aslo bilong gavman bilong [or "basic law of government of"] Papua New Guinea'. However, current usage-in which 'constitution' is translated as 'Mama Lo' (as in Oxford2008, and Dr Tony Deklin's paper) is, arguably, more accurate in that it recognizes the role that the Constitution plays in requiring or authorizing the National Parliament to legislate within the framework of the Constitution (including amendment of the Constitution itself).

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