Provincial and local-level Government - past present and prospective



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Wolfers, E. P. 2010, ''Provincial and local-level Government - past present and prospective'', in I. Maddocks & E. P. Wolfers (eds), Living history and evolving democracy, University of Papua New Guinea Press, Papua New Guinea. pp. 248


Control over colonial administrations has generally been centralized and bureaucratic. The external and internal administrative boundaries of colonial territories have often been drawn without regard to commonalities and links or differences and divisions between communities on the ground, or even such basic geographical considerations as ease of movement and communication within (rather than through) a given area. This was generally true of Papua New Guinea's pre-independence District boundaries, at least until Simbu was separated from the Eastern Highlands in 1966, East New Britain was divided from West New Britain at the same time, and Enga was formed out of part of the Western Highlands shortly before internal self-government in late 1973.

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