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Boyde, M. J. 2010, 'Introduction', in M. J. Boyde (eds), A Kingdom and a Place of Exile: Critical Essays on Postcolonial Women's Writing - Dorothy Jones, University of Wollongong Press, Wollongong. pp. 5


A Kingdom and a Place of Exile: Postcolonial Women Writers is a collection of essays by Dorothy Jones on postcolonial texts written by or about women. Spanning twenty years from the mid-1980s, this selection of Jones's essays provides an opportunity to trace not only one scholar's contributions to the fields of postcolonial and women's literary studies, but also the development of those fields. Jones, who attended university in Dunedin, undertook postgraduate study in Renaissance literature at the University of Oxford. She took up a lectureship at the University of Wollongong in 1971 where she remained until her retirement twenty-five years later. From the start she was committed to introducing subjects on both Australian literature and women's writing, creating an environment of critical engagement with contemporary culture.

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