Flussi migratori e la Calabria: l’isola occitanica di Guardia Piemontese



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Jeanjean, H. A. 2010, 'Flussi migratori e la Calabria: l’isola occitanica di Guardia Piemontese', La Questione Meridionale (The Southern Question), vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 55-67.


Immigration in Italy has become a social phenomenon and while still trails immigration levels of European neighbours it will certainly grow. Though Italy has evolved into a country of immigration from its previous emigration status, it has done so with sufferance and to this day even with pockets of intolerance and resistance. As minorities, immigrants have struggled to find a place in Italian society and moreover an economic place. This paper examines the place and role of immigrant entrepreneurs in Italy at large and specifically in the southern regions of Italy. Immigrants have sought to integrate into the Italian economy in many ways including though entrepreneurial activity. New immigrants are opening up more new companies at a faster rate in the south of Italy than the resident local population as they utilise this method to insert themselves into the economy. In part this is also a response to their exclusion from many employment routes such as that of government. This is especially the case in the Italian south where evidence suggests that much of the growing entrepreneurial activity has a legal (visa) rather than an economic or social driver.

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