The epistemic problem: potential solutions



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Horton, K. J. 2010, 'The epistemic problem: potential solutions', in K. J. Horton & C. Roche (eds), Ethical Questions and International NGOs, 1 edn, Springer, Dordrecht. pp. 87


Those of us who live in developed countries frequently receive appeals for funds and other forms of support from aid agencies such as Oxfam, World Vision, and CARE. How should we respond to such appeals? Should we give to such agencies? Presumably, the answer to this question depends on how good or bad the effects of their work are. If those effects are as positive as the fundraising literature of such agencies tends to suggest, then there would be a very strong case for saying that we should give to them. If such agencies do less good, and more harm, than they like to imply though, the case for giving to them would presumably be weaker. And if the effects of their work were bad enough, that case might break down altogether.

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