Reshaping attitudes toward violence against women



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Flood, M. G., Pease, B., Taylor, N. & Webster, K. 2009, 'Reshaping sttitudes toward violence against women', in E. Buzawa & E. Stark (eds), Violence Against Women in Families and Relationships; Volume 4: The Media and Cultural Attitudes, Praeger Publishers, Westport, Conn.. pp. 177

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ISBN: 9780275998547


Since the early 1970s, when the grassroots women's movement mounted its challenge to rape and domestic violence, there has been a worldwide revolution in societal responses to violence against women. Among the changes, the best known are the proliferation of community-based services for victims and reforms in public policy, law, policing, and health care. What is less well-known is whether the revolution in societal intervention is reflected in how ordinary citizens think about violence against women. However important institutional reforms are in the short term, they are unlikely to be sustained unless the normative climate changes that supports violence against women.

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