Asia Pacific Media Educator


In 1998, Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS), at Solo (Surakarta) in Indonesia, obtained a 5-year grant of $US1.6 million from the World Bank’s Quality of Undergraduate Education (QUE) fund to upgrade the qualifications of its Department of Communication, improve its equipment and facilities, and revise its undergraduate Communication curriculum. In 1999, the first two members of staff began PhD studies at the University of Newcastle in Australia, and Haryanto, Head of Communication at UNS invited Morgan to conduct a series of staff development seminars on the teaching of media and communication theory at Solo. In 2000, three more staff members went to Australia and Haryanto invited Morgan, Loo and Todd to advise on the revision of the UNS curriculum. This article reports on that phase of the QUE Project.