Asia Pacific Media Educator

Issue 1 (1996)

The Asia-Pacific MediaEducator is a new venture aimed at providing a forum for media educators across an increasingly important spectrum of comparative study.

Broadly defined, this area covers communications, journalism, media studies, cultural studies, applied media, and media arts, together with resonances of innumerable other disciplines. With rapid changes in media education and technology it may even extend to other areas that cannot be foreseen at the moment.

In short, we are taking a "big tent" approach, welcoming scholars, educators, theorists, journalists, communicators and practitioners to contribute to this journal. Our principal focus is the Asia/Pacific region broadly defined. We will not, however, exclude contributions that are relevant and apposite from any part of the globe. Our only reservation is that articles, reports, reviews, comments, records of direct experience and other material have some relevance to media education, either directly or as shaped and modified through practical experience. We hope to draw on the best work in the wide range of disciplines applicable to media education and practice.

-Clem Lloyd, Editor

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Editor's Note
C. Lloyd