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Ken Norling


SOCIALIST REGISTER 1984: THE USES OF ANTI-COMMUNI SM, edi ted by Ralph Mill band, John Savllle and Marcel Llebman. Merlin Press, 1984. $21.00 paperback. 363 pages.

COUNTRY TO NATIONAL: AUSTRALIAN RURAL POLITICS AND BEYOND, edited by Brian Costar and Dennis Woodward. Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 1985. $12.95 paperback. 150 pages.

THE THIRD WORLD WAR — THE PHILIPPINES FRONT, Community Aid Abroad, Melbourne, 1985. $7.50 paperback, 50 pages.

LIFEL INES: STORIES BY WOMEN IN THE WESTERN SUBURBS OF MELBOURNE, Edited by Robyn Hollander & Margaret Jacobs, published by Melbourne's Living Museum of the West. $5.00 paperback. 68 pages.

JOSEPHS COAT: AN ANTHOLOGY OF MULTICULTURAL WRITING, edited by Peter Skrzyneckl. Hale & Iremonger, Sydney, 1985. 224 pages.

THE STALINIST LEGACY: ITS IMPACT ON TWENTIETHCENTURY WORLD POLITICS, edited by Tariq All. Penguin, London, 1984. $12.95 paperback. 551 pages.



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