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SIGNED, SEALED AND DELIVERED: True Life Stories of Women In Pop, by Sue S toward and Sheryl Garratt. Pluto Press, London, 1984. $12.95, paperback, 168 pages.

MINUTE TO MIDNIGHT, Red Spark Books, Sydney, 1985. $6.00 paperback, 118 pages.

FIGHTERS AND SINGERS: the lives of some Aboriginal women. Edited by Isobel White, Diane Barwick and Bett George Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 1985. $14.95 paperback; $24.95 hard cover, 226 pages.

A HISTORY OF INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY: in words and Images, by Joyce Stevens, IWD Pres s . 1985, $6. 95 paperback, 64 pages.

EXPLORING WOMEN S PAST, Patricia Crawford (ed.), George Allen & Unwin, Sydney, 1984. $9.95 paperback. 215 pages.

CRISIS IN CENTRAL AMERICA. A collection of conference papers. School of Spanish and Latin American Studies , University of NSW, James R. Levy (ed.), 1984. $5.95, paperback, 69 pages.

PATHWAYS TO ACTION: A RESOURCE FOR SOCI AL CHANGE. Published by Combined Pensioners Association ot NSW with the assistance of the NSW Board of Adult Education. $5.00 for Individuals, $10.00 for institutions. Six booklets.

IT'S NOT THE RITZ - BUT IT'S HOME: Mt . Drultt Yout h Resource Centre. $1.00.

STEEL CITY BLUES, by Jullanne Schultz, Penguin Books, 1985, 255 pages, paperback, $7.95.

BANNERS OF LABOUR, BANNERS OF PRIDE: Aspects of Working Class Celebration, by Ann Stephen and Andrew Reeves, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, George Allen & Unwin, 1985, 84 pages, paperback $17.95.

THE PRICE OF AFFLUENCE: Dilemmas of Contemporary Japan, by Rokuro Hldaka, foreword by Gavin McCormack, Penguin Books, 1935, IBB pages, paperback $7.95.

MICHEL FOUCAULT, by Mark Cousins and A th * r Hussain, M a cm illan , 1985, 265 pagas, paperback $16.95.