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Photoessay: North Korea


Chris Ray


Thirty years after the 1950- 53 war, Korea remains split into two hostile, competing halves: the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (north) and the Republic of Korea (south). At least 10 million Koreans are estimated to have been parted from members of their families by the division of the country. Today, 40,000 United States troops with over 1000 nuclear weapons are permanently deployed in the south, which has rejected the north's latest proposals for peaceful reunification. The DPRK says south Korea is being turne[w]d into "the biggest powder keg in the Far East" with the US seeking to introduce the neutron bomb and theatre nuclear missiles. Tension along the military demarcation line is growing. These pictures, taken by Chris Ray on the northern side of the demarcation line, show: (this page) At a village near the DMZ — "Drive out the US imperialists and reunify the country"; (opposite page, top to bottom) transplanting rice; North Korean village; US watch tower at Panmunjom on the DMZ.