Australian Left Review

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World Disarmament : A Policy Statement of the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace


In a recent issue (No. 78, December 1981), ALR summarised and commented upon a federal parliamentary exchange between the Minister for Defence, Jim Killen, and Leader o f the Opposition Bill Hayden, on US bases in Australia, and the nuclear war danger. Following the continuing discussion and debate, in this issue ALR publishes an important policy statement o f the Australian Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace on world disarmament. In this statement the Catholic Commission draws attention to the ever-present possibility of nuclear war, the Church's opposition to nuclear weapons and the need for Christians to work for the prevention and, finally, the ending of war. In particular, the statement draws attention to the dangers o f any public willingness to countenance "limited" or "theatre” nuclear war. It also calls for concerted action by community groups, especially Church groups, to work to change the arms-policy stances of governments and their allies as part of the growing people's movement in many countries for disarmament and peace.