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Mexico's Communists


In the midst of the unfolding Central American and Carribean liberation struggles stands Mexico, an oil-rich country. Its antiimperialist foreign policy combined with sharp repression at home is just one of the many paradoxes of the Mexican scene. Mexico is also a country where the recently legalised Communist Party (PCM) is in the midst of a ferment of ideas and activity as it seeks to define its role in the I980’s. Recently this redefinition has included a dramatic dialogue with other political groups. Two Australians, Barry Carr and Barbara Marsh, recently spent six months in Mexico studying the Mexican Communist Party. The author of several books in Spanish on the Mexican workers’ movement and currently writing a history of the PCM, Barry Carr attended the 19th Congress of the PCM in March 1981 as an observer. Barbara Marsh and Barry Carr were interviewed for Australian Left Review by Philip Herington.



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