Australian Left Review


Hugh Hamilton


In dealing with the effects of Queensland’s spectacular growth in the 1980s, we should view development as part of the big wide world. A wider horizon - a world outlook - suggests that the 1980s are a period in which enormous problems will be confronted by the world’s people. Above all, there is a real danger of nuclear war, a threat which hangs over the head of every nation. Economic indicators show that the world is still in the throes of an economic slump which commenced around 1974. Without revolution or wars, countries and the people in them seem to be becoming more prone to violence. These aspects of the world situation, along with the exponential growth of technology, the micro-electronics revolution, visual display units, robots, computers and automation are going to make the future of many of the world’s people very difficult. In Australia the 35-hour week campaign is one worker-trade union response to the new reality. Struggles against mining projects, against uranium mining, for conservation, for green bans are also signs of concern.



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