Australian Left Review

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Review : Gyn / Ecology : The Metaethics of Radical Feminism by Mary Daly


Margo Moore


Gyn/Ecology is both a celebration/cerebration of women's power and a savage rejection of the necrophilia of Patriarchy. Mary Daly comes from a theological background and her book echoes th a t tradition. Written in a poetic, visionary style, Gyn/Ecology is a Journey, a process, it is for the "Hag/Crone/Spinster in every Living woman. It is for each individual Journeyer to decide/expand the scope of this imagination within her. It is she, and she alone, who can determine how far, and in what way she can/will travel. She and she alone, can dis-cover the mystery of her own history, and find how it is interwoven with the lives of other women." (p.xiii)