Australian Left Review

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Reviews - ALR No.75 1980


America: the new imperialism: from white settlement to world hegemony, by V.G. Kiernan, Zed Press, London, 1978.

Corporate imperialism: conflict and expropriation: transnational corporations and economic nationalism in the Third World, by Norman Girvan, Monthly Review Pres, New York, 1976. Reviewed by David Meredith.

Anti-Personnel Weapons, by Malvern Lumsden, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, 1978. Reviewed by Keith D. Suter.

The New Politics o f Human Rights, James Avery Joyce, Macmillan, $20.00. Reviewed by Keith D Suter.

Guide to Marx’ s Capital, by Michael Eldred and Mike Roth, London: CSF Books (Confreence o f Socialist Economists ), 1978, 127pp, $4.25. Reviewed by Jan Bruck.

World Futures — The Great Debate, Christopher Freeman and Marie Jahoda (eds.), Martin Robertson (Australasian Publishing Co.), $48.50. Reviewed by Keith D Suter.



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