Australian Left Review


Brian Aarons


Three articles examine various aspects of the ongoing restructuring of Australia's economy to suit the needs of local and multinations! capital in the 'eighties. Greg Crough, in a paper given to a recent ALP conference in Melbourne, discusses the effect of transnational corporations on the Australian economy. In Economic Notes, Gavan Butler looks at the fears of Australian manufacturing concerning the current direction of our economy. And Gary Donnison and Peter Bryant comment on the recent Myers Committee report on technological change. In a review article, Winton Higgins discusses Bob Connell's and Terry Irving 's recently-published book Class Structure in Australian History, and its importance for Australian social science. Four articles are about international issues. Jonathan Bloch and Barry Cohen discuss the interference of some Western governments and union in the South African trade union movement. An Italian Communist, Marco Calamai, reports on the present situation in Chile and the political trends within the opposition to the junta. Ex-Prime Minister of Hungary, Andras Hegedus, speaks about prospects for democratic development in eastern Europe. And in a discussion piece, Eric Aarons takes up points about Afghanistan raised by Jack Blake in the last ALR. Several reviews, including two long review articles by David Meredith and John Perkins, complete the issue.



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