Australian Left Review

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Australian Left Review No.74 May 1980


Brian Aarons


Murray Broad examines the specific nature of Queensland p o litic s to d a y , m u ltin a tio n a l penetration, and the reponse the Left has offered. Craig Johnston analyses the oppression of homosexual women and men and the development of the gay movement in Australia. Viet Nam's foreign policy is explained by Nguyen Khac Vien, particularly in reference to the conflict in Kampuchea and relations with China. The interview is abridged from one chapter of a Vietnamese publication, Viet Nam 1980. Terry O'Shaughnessy in Economic Notes looks at the new monetarists from Friedman to Fraser, Pinochet and Thatcher. A group of readers f rom Melbourne discuss the contribution Nicos Poulantzas made to marxist theory, and look critically at Peter Beilharz's article on the same question in our last issue. The debate on the Afghanistan crisis continues, with a critique by Jack Blake of articles by Eric Aarons and Denis Freney in our last issue. Kathe Boehringer completes this issue with a review of Woody Allen's films, with particular reference to Manhattan.