Australian Left Review


Brian Aarons


Eric Aarons in Comment examines the principles involved in the Afghanistan events, and their ramifications in Australia and the world, while Denis Freney studies the different explanations given for Soviet intervention. The campaign for a shorter working week and the reasons for it are the subjects of an article by Laurie Carmichael. Gavan Butler, in our regular Economic Note*, looks at energy pricing, especially for the aluminium industry. Peter Savage examines the West Irian independence movement, particularly after the upsurge in 1978. and its present perspectives. The work of the late Nicos Poulantzas, and his relationship to the Althusserians. is the subject of an appreciation by Peter Beilharz. Kathe Boehringer reviews My Brilliant Career, while Peter Mason pays tribute to the late Professor Eric Burhop. to complete this issue.



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