Australian Left Review


Brian Aarons


We publish a series of articles by members of a Science for People group in Melbourne. The group's aim is to analyse the use of science in our society and how the direction of scientific and technological research is politically influenced. Helen McCulloch and Lesley Rogers discuss the use of medicine for social control and profit and Mike Ross's case study on sex change operations illustrates the point. Chris Sanderson looks at the politics of the 2 4 5 -T debate. Janna Thompson examines how ideas of science and technology are reflected in science fiction and traces how these ideas change with the prevailing political climate. Bob Catley and Bruce McFarlane examine the “ New International Economic Order” , which they see as an imperialist strategy forced by the decline of the US in relation to other world forces. Ex-catholic priest Charlie Bowers discusses the role of the Australian catholic church in Sydney in the public debates over the Viet Nam warand Australia's involvement in it. In the R eviews section, Ben Bartlett looks at health and safety issues at work. Janna Thompson reviews tw o books on nuclear politics and Kathe Boehringer discusses The China Syndrome. The authors of Seeds for Change reply to Hugh Saddler's review in ALR No. 69. A Comment by Eric Aarons completes the issue.



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