Australian Left Review


Noam Chomsky


In attempting to assess a new institutions. For most oi the period since the Administration in the United States, it is Second World War, they have adhered to a im_port$nt to b ea r in mind the “bipartisan foreign policy” which is to say, a extraordinarily narrow spectrum ot political one-party state as far as foreign affairs are discourse and the Hmited base of political concerned. The parties differ on occasion power, a fact that distinguishes the United with regard to the role of the state, the States from many other industrial Democrats generally tending to favor slight democracies. increases in state intervention in social and economic affairs, the Republicans tending to The United States is unique in that there is favor greater emphasis on private corporate no organised force committed to even mild power. Thus, under a Democratic and reformist varieties of socialism. The two Administration, there are likely to be some political parties which some refer to, not moves jpwards “welfare state” policies along inaccurately, as thelwo factions of the single with a more aggressive foreign policy, as the “Property Party” , are united in their state pursues a more interventionist commitment to capitalist ideology and program at home and abroad.



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