Australian Left Review


Brian Aarons


We print an article by American radical intellectual Noam Chomsky, analysing the p olitica l s trategy of the C a rter administration. Chomsky is famous for his work in linguistics and for his devastating critiques of the American war in Indo-China. In the article printed here he applies his analytical skills to laying bare the realities and aims behind such ploys as the 'human rights campaign'. It is interesting to note that Chomsky, whose articles were once widely printed in such publications as The New York Review o f Books, now finds it very difficult to have his social and political analyses printed in such mainstream publications. Leonie Jackson, a student in Adelaide, writes a revealing analysis of why she is not a socialist. We print the article because we think it illustrates very well the processes of Waslogical formation which are so important to the maintenance of bourgeois rule. On the other hand, the conditions under which such ideological moulding might be overthrown •re also discussed. - We reprint {from CPGB journal Comment) a speech and a statement from the British Communist Party on attitudes to homosexuality. The collective thought the material worth publishing since the subject and the stand adopted are, unfortunately, still controversial among communists as In society at large. Two reviews complete the issue.



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