Australian Left Review


Brian Aarons


We publish an interview with Steven Rose, brain researcher and marxist writer, on the functions of science under capitalism. The interview deats with the relations between science and capitalism, the relevance of brain research to marxism, and the growing Science for the People movement against scientific workers. Marxist historian Eric Hobsbawm, in an article originally published in the CPGB joumat, Marxism Today, discusses the historical experiences of popular front governments and the relevance of these to current problems of socialist strategy. Further contributions on the issues of strategy raised in this paper would be welcome. Kathe Boeh ringer and Denis Del Favero subject the recent Australian film FJ Holden to a searching critique. The film is criticised for its picture of working class life and the reviewers relate this to the political assumptions of the film-maker. Economic Notes by Jock Collins and a discussion piece on the draft of The British Road to Socialism make up the issue.



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