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Australian Left Review

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THE VIETNAMESE NATION: Contribution to a History, by Jean Chesneaux, English translation by Malcolm Salmon. Current Book Distributors, 232 pp., $3.25. Reviewed by C. P. FitzGerald.

THE BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION, 1917-1923, by E. H. Carr. Penguin, 3 Volumes. $1.50 per Volume. Reviewed by Edgar Ross.

TRUTH OR REPOSE, by (Lady) Jessie Street. Australasian Book Society, 338 pp., $4.25. Reviewed by Joyce Tattersell.

THE SCIENCE OF SCIENCE, Edited by Goldsmith and Mackay. Penguin, 317 pp., 95c. Reviewed by H. Silverstone.

HENRY LAWSON’S BEST STORIES, by Cecil Mann. Angus and Robertson, 273 pp., $3.75.HENRY LAWSON: Poet and Short Story Writer, by Colin Roderick. A & R, 70 pp., $2.50.Reviewed by John Manifold.

THE WINDS OF CHANGE IN CENTRAL AUSTRALIA, by Frederick Rose. Acadamie- Verlag, Berlin. Reviewed by A.H.

AMERICAN INVESTMENT IN AUSTRALIA, by Donald Brash. Australian National University. Reviewed by Ron Brown.



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