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Australian Left Review

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THE HIDDEN PEOPLE Poverty in Australia, by John Stubbs. Cheshire- Lansdowne, 145 pp., $2.20. Reviewed by Tom Lardner.

ANDRE VOZNESENSKY: Selected Poems. Authorised Translations, with "Introduction and Notes by Herbert Marshall. Methuen, London, 1966 $5. Reviewed by Roger Milliss.

PROFILE OF AUSTRALIA, by Craig McGregor. Hodder and Stoughton, 398 pp., $6. Reviewed by Mavis Robertson.

FREEDOM IN AUSTRALIA by Campbell & Whitmore. Sydney University Press, 298 pp., $7.00. Reviewed by ‘A Legal Correspondent’.

Three biographies in the Pelican series “Political Leaders of the Twentieth Century”. “KHUSCHEV”, by Mark Frankland, 213 pp., 80c. “STALIN”, by Isaac Deutscher (1966 edition), 648 pp., $1.75. “MAO TSE-TUNG”, by Stuart Schramm, 352 pp., $1.20. Reviewed by E.A.