Australian Left Review

Article Title

The Chilean Revolution


Eric Aarons


The lessons of the Chilean revolution, crushed for the time being by the military junta, will long be discussed. Any final conclusions must be reached with caution, for the full facts of the situation and the assessments of surviving participants are only gradually coming to light. The views raised here are provisional, and are offered as a contribution to an ongoing analysis. They rely on the author’s study and impressions of Chile on a brief visit in 1965, on presently available material, and on the analysis made in his book by the young French revolutionary intellectual Regis Debray who had the opportunity just after the 1970 election victory to study the situation and talk at length with Allende. (1) (He had shortly before been released from a Bolivian jail where he had spent some years as a result of his association with the unsuccessful guerrilla war launched by Che Guevara in 1966.)



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