Australian Left Review


Bob Catley


pH E ECONOMIST’S ‘Foreign Report’, confi- 1 dential and never to be cited, is no doubt a great boon to academic commentators on foreign affairs; a useful short note on the latest activities in far-flung places, providing ample data for notes on current affairs. Its report on Vietnam, describing Hanoi’s admission, via an editorial in Nhan Dan of the failure of this year’s offensive was my first reintroduction to Western reporting on Indochina since my return from the DRV. While there, I had the opportunity to talk to the editor of Nhan Dan, and writer of the editorial, Mr. Hoang Tung; I also read the editorial. The Vietnamese make no such admission. On the contrary, they regard the offensive as the latest in a series of strategic defeats which have been dealt to American policies in Indochina.



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