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Inti Peredo


THE NAME INTI PEREDO became known to many of us only when we read Che Guevara’s Bolivian diaries. In these diaries he spoke approvingly of the Peredo brothers who fought with him in the ill-fated struggle to liberate Bolivia from the tyranny of capitalism. One of the five survivors of the guerrilla band was “Inti", whose real name was Guido Peredo Leigue. Inti was born in Trinidad, Bolivia on April 30 1938. He was a student at the Juan Francisco Velarde and “Sixth of August” schools in Trinidad and at the Bolivar and Hugo Davila schools in La Paz. He was active in the Bolivian Communist Party after the age of twelve and was first leader of the Pioneers, then Director of Youth and finally First Regional Secretary in La Paz. He married Matilde Lara in 1963 and had two small children when he was killed. After escaping capture by government forces and their U.S. masters he fought throughout the Bolivian campaign with Che.



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