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Editors Comments: ALR 30


AUSTRALIAN LEFT REVIEW’S format has again changed. It aims to live up to the title of Review by containing regular sections on Contemporary Marxist Theory; World Socialism; The Australian Working Class Movement; Australian Socialist History; Australian Literature and the Arts; Book Reviews and Comment and Criticism from readers. In future issues we hope to bring readers translations of Marighela, Peredo, Colletti and Del Pra in the section on theory; to include interviews with and articles by leading trade unionists and the rank and file of the working class, who provide the backbone of any socialist movement; to include in the section on socialist history further first-person accounts by socialists and communists which will cover experiences in the IWW here and overseas, the early socialist and communist parties of Australia, and the Spanish civil war; and, to have review articles of recent books on or by Gramsci, Althusser, Lukacs, Marek and Guerin as well as works on the socialist movement in Australia.



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