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Interview with Marcuse


Der Spiegel


This interview first appeared in Dev Spiegel on July 28, 1969 under the title Revolution out of Disgust. It began with the following editorial note: Herbert Marcuse is the only philosopher of his generation who unconditionally embraces the protest movement of the students; his “concrete philosophy,’’ influenced by Freud and Heidegger, tries to adapt Marx’s theory of revolution to modern industrial society. Member of the Frankfurt Institute of Social Studies, Marcuse, born in Berlin, the son of a merchant, migrated to the USA in 1934 and now teaches philosophy at San Diego, California. “No anarchist’’, as this 71 year old states, bu t an opponent of orthodox party bureaucracies, he recently had to defend himself against the accusation of being an agent of the CIA. Now 16 representatives of the New Left, among them Rudi Dutschke, Oskar Negt, Erich Fried and Klaus Meschkat, have expressed their solidarity with him against such “revival of Stalinist practices.”



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