Australian Left Review

Article Title

Margins: Last Orders


David Burchell


I remember only too well first being asked to work on ALR. it was In early 1886, when I was supposed to be finishing a doctoral thesis, and had a few other things on my plate. At the time the magazine was virtually moribund, and I wen recall that my first thought was 'ALR? Oh, my God. No way.' But a small group of people at the time were interested in reviving it, and I began to see with them that it had possibilities far outstretching its implicit role as a theoretical journal for the near defunct Communist Party. Over the years that followed ALR suffered minuscule budgets, fantastically poor wages and conditions, a cheap and cheerful print job (well, cheap at least), and the vociferous disapproval of many of the people who were supposed to be funding it.



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