Australian Left Review


Carmel Shute


Carmel Shute talked to seven femini~ts. and two oft heir daughters. to find out what they wanted for their daughters. and "'hat their daughters wanted for themselves. She spoke to. Marilyn Lake, a Melbourne histonan and mother of two small girb: Carmen Heliotis Italian-born mother of two daughters and a son; Susanna Rodell, a Melbourne journalist. and also mother of two daughters and a son; Zelda D'Aprano, an activist in the equal pay movement m the 1960s: Merle Thornton, a pioneering femimst in Brisbane: and Rosemary McBride and Carole Ferrier, both feminist act1v1sts from Brisbane. She also talked to Susannah's elevenyear- old daughter, Besha Rodell, and Carmen's sevent.:en-year-old daughter, Lara Heliotis.



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