In relation to developing leadership skills during tertiary studies, this paper considers the leadership pathway afforded by a Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) program which includes the traditional PASS Leader role and a more senior PASS Mentor role. Data was collected using a structured survey with open-ended questions designed to capture the personal experiences and self-reported learning outcomes of students undertaking leadership roles within the PASS program. Twelve aspects of leadership are presented from twenty-three Leaders and Mentors: organisation, facilitation, support, attitude, relationships, role model, collaboration, communication, responsibility, decision making, pedagogy, and session management. The qualitative differences between the comments of the Leaders and the Mentors highlight the pathway of growth students undertaking the PASS roles may experience as they move from Leader to Mentor. The more senior PASS Mentor role provides an avenue for developing leadership capabilities beyond the traditional PASS Leader role. In contributing to peer learning in higher education, this study positions leadership within the PASS/SI context and potentially alongside tertiary leadership programs more generally.